Joellen Seay       

Joellen Seay                  Stephanie Holland

Belle Sœur, meaning sister-in-law in French, seems the perfect name as it illustrates how sisters-in-law, Joellen Seay and Stephanie Holland have come full circle in their love for art.
A graduate of Auburn University, Joellen majored in commercial art with a minor in fine art. With a few years of advertising under her belt she partnered with her sister-in-law, Stephanie Holland, a graduate of the University of Alabama. Stephanie had majored in Advertising and Marketing with a minor in Art and together they started a small graphic design firm. Five years later, they decided to part ways and fulfill their individual dreams.

Joellen further pursued her creativity through papermaking, portraits and painting in addition to commercial art. Stephanie continued to develop her art skills as the Executive Creative Director of her full-service advertising agency, creating iconic brands for clients in industries including real estate, medical and financial among many others.

More than 30 years later they have reunited professionally to exploit their love for painting.

Together they are again exploring different textures and media as well as artistic styles from abstracts to realism to create decorative art. Art that may fit perfectly into one’s home décor or enhance one’s emotional color scheme. Art that puts the finishing touch on any living space.